Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How to choose the right garage shelving units in the UK

Whether you're looking for garage shelving units for UK domestic or commercial garages - or even shelving solutions for a garden shed - there is plenty to bear in mind when deciding which units are right for you.

Firstly, determining what these garage shelving units will be used for is the number one priority. Garages - especially domestic garages - have a wide range of uses, from traditional car parking areas to games rooms or simply for storage. The garage shelving units that you choose will depend very much on what they need to be used for: storing heavier items such as power tools or tins of paint will require shelving that is far more heavy duty than units that are simply storing games room accessories.

If you are using your garage shelving units in the UK to store heavier items, then be sure to check the total load that each shelf within the unit can hold. The weight that can be borne is often stated based on evenly distributed items across the shelves, so when the shelving units arrive, consideration should also be given to stacking these shelves in the right way.

garage shelving units uk

You will also need to carefully measure the dimensions of your garage in order that the units you purchase fit. If still using your garage for car storage as well as featuring shelving, be sure to leave plenty of room to allow you to get your car in and out: while it may seem like an obvious point, it can often cause problems if measurements have not been taken properly.

Garage Shelving Units UK should also be chosen with stability in mind: while tall units can help you to make the most of available space, you will need to ensure that they are unlikely to topple over by purchasing units that can either be affixed to a wall or use footplates to keep them securely in place.

Consider buying modular shelving units so that they can be reconfigured if needed, giving you the flexibility to move things around. You may also wish to consider choosing units that can be joined with bay connectors, or units that feature adjustable shelves that can be configured to different heights.

If your garage is also being used as a workshop area, then consider investing in a workshop starter kit, which can often be more affordable than purchasing individual units separately. These kits generally include both shelving units and a workbench in the same style, providing the ideal combination of storage and workspace for either the home or a business premises.

If you are purchasing storage shelving garage, then double check before buying that they are indeed suitable for commercial usage and not solely domestic purposes. And finally - but importantly - buy only units that are crafted from high quality materials, as such units will need to be durable and designed to last.


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